How to be a Cyber - Beggar

I personally believe that Cyber-Begging is something very cool and useful, when it happens with responsibility.Every coin has two sides, the good one and the bad one. The same happens with the Cyber-Begging. In this cool article we are going to discuss both perspectives (advantages -disadvantages) and of course I am going to explain to you how to be a Cyber-Beggar, step by step. I decided to create a website 
where I mentioned all of my needs and their cost, you can see my page here. If you click on one of my "needs", you will see that beside is the option which allows you to pay it for me. For example, my coffee costs 2,50e and only by a click you can pay it for me. The point is "why you have to do this?". Now is time for the good and the bad side. The bad one is that you could say a stupidity such as that you are sick or you have a serious disease and that's why you need the money. In this way you are not only cheating someone but also you are stealing money from a true-sick man. Think that if you didn't exist then these money would be given to him/her. So if you are conscious enough you have to reject this method and you have to follow the good side of the coin which is honest and profitable such as the previous one because your profit depends on your ability to make your website popular . And remember that lies are going to be percetible soon.

The honest way is to say :

Hello to everyone. I am Emmanuel and I have no health problems. In contrast, I hardly get sick. The reason I
create this website is because I am so bored of working. When I woke up, I want endless time in order to play pc games,reading books and deal with my magazine. I really like the sea and I love travelling especialy by car and without a programme. I have to work all day in order to achieve all of these and finally I have no time to do them. So the system works but I believe that this is a stupid system.We have all we need in order not to work and of course in order not to exist poor and starved people in the whole planet of Earth. I know,
you are going to disagree with me by telling me that someone has to work for having no poverty. It's okay, I agree with you but I am telling you that the one who will work is that person who wants something more. For instance I am pleased  by having a simple home to live but if you want something more from this in your life then you are the one who has to work. In this way, no one is going to be harmed, no one is going to  
starve or die; and of course,the one who believes that deserves something more has the opportunity to prove it. I could talk to you for hours about the global injustice but my aim is not to tire you with all these details. It's up to you. If you want you could sponsor me in order not to work.

These are the words that I choose to say but I am sure that you are going to think something more effective and more representable if you decide to follow Cyber Begging when you are in need, and I am sure you are going to do it and the reason is that you ask for money by offering absolutely nothing.

Now is time to discuss about how you are going to create and set this. Worldlook always try on something before write about it! WOW!

The first thing you need to begin is at least a midrange paypal. From this one with the credit or debit card. In this way the money will come to you and of course by using this paypal you also create these yellow buttons I have in my website to pay me. Afterwards, you have to write down what you want them to pay for you and your honest speech  where you are going to explain to them the reasons you are doing this. Finally, you upload them on a website likewise the one I create; And now you are done as far as the setting is concerned. It's time to make your website effective and profitable. For the moment you are asking for charity in the middle of a desert so it is difficult to find someone to ask for money and if you do so,you can not be sure that he is going to give you the money. That's why your Beggar-Website has to be more popular by promoting it in other websites or on facebook etc. You have to fight for it. Remember that you must show your website to people that knows who you are and not to strangers. For example I am the guy who writes the mispelled texts in Worldlook. I am the one who has the ability to be "prisoned" in his house for 2 weeks playing Sims and World of Warcraft. Moreover I am the person who goes for a run in the morning and drinks 5 liters of rum in the night. I am not a special personality but when I will leave from my village they are going to burn my house in order for them to remember that I used to live there. In one way or another people knows that it's me who asks for their money. If there are any misunderstandings about the whole story of the Cyber-Beggar, you could comment your question or you could find me in the communication and talk to me in private.

Now listen to me. They have told to me that my articles are too lengthy and tiring and that's the reason I decided to create a brief paragraph in the end. It will be helpful to find the steps easier. The point is that World Look has changed its administrator in 2013. Yes, it remains to me but someone else is responsible now and that's why you see all these beautiful changes.

Briefly :

1) If you don't have paypal, create one

2) create a site, completely free by creating a google account and from there/ more/bloger/ and create a blog.

3)mention what you want them to pay to you

4)create the yellow buttons for paying you by paypal

5) copy the file button in the theme of the blog and not in the composition of the html below and down. Then you change it from the composition if you want to.

6)you have your own Begging Website

7) Are you bored to death of doing it? But you have paypal;Send to us your story in English (because you are also bored of working) and we are going

to accomodate you.

translated by Chrisa Pentela

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  1. I personally believe that Cyber-Beggar is something very cool and useful, when it happens with responsibility.Every coin has two sides, the good one and the bad one. The same happens with the Cyber-Beggar. In this cool article we are going to discuss both perspectives (advantages -disadvantages) and of course I am going to explain to you how to be a Cyber-Beggar, step by step.




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